Athens - London | 24-28 November 2015 | from 57 euros!!!


Short break to London with a direct flight from Athens from 57,58 euros with the "official" student carrier,

To and from Stansted airport

There are several options, buses and trains, check the official website of Stansted airport.
Best possible offer from starting from 2 pounds


For 0 euros check 

Cheap hostels from 10 euros/night visit:

Also check it might get much cheaper and more cozy from hostels and hotels. (I have a gift for you there)

Cheap hotel options?


General Tips

-Check the public transport official website and get informed about ticket and card pricing, you can find a suitable option for travelers -->here<--

-Plan wise your trip to and from Stansted airport, the airport is quite big and you might need to take an internal train to reach your terminal so make sure you won't miss your flight or your bus.

-Book your trip to and from the airport early enough to take advantage of the early booking offers especially from

-Don't forget to check in online and print your tickets. You can also use ryanair's mobile app for check in.

-Always double check while crossing the streets.

-Before deciding to exchange money, check your bank's exchange rate usually it's cheaper. The fee for withdrawing money is the same as it's in your country when you withdraw money from a different bank. 

-Time flies, prices go high!

-Don't forget your sunglasses cool