Athens - Milan | 18-23 November 2015 | from 29,74 euros!!!


Low cost extended spring weekend break from Athens to Milan from 29,74 euros with lovely


For 0 euros check 

Cheap hostels from 10 euros/night visit:

Also check it might get much cheaper and more cozy from hostels and hotels. (I have a gift for you there)

Cheap hotel options?

To and from Bergamo airport

You can always check the official website of the airport. There are plenty of Bus companies operating from Bergamo airport to Milan and other destinations. 
Suggestion: check starting from 8 euros both ways. The journey takes approximately 50 mins


- Sometimes, traffic in Milan makes driving quite slow so plan your trip to the airport wise!

- Already been there? Tired of Milan and want to see something else? The city of Bergamo is quite beautiful and you can spend some time to its old town and enjoy the breathtaking view from the castle! More info here.

- Make sure you've checked in and printed your tickets. You can also use ryanair's mobile app for check in.

- Information about Milan's public transport can be found here