Athens - Rome | November 2014 | 40 euros!!!


Very cheap opportunity for a short escape from Athens to Rome!

Each way from 19,99 euros between 15/11/2014 and 04/12/2014!

The prices change fast so hurry up! visit Ryanair's website.


For 0 euros check 

Cheap hostels from 10 euros/night visit:

Enough people to rent a flat? check

To and from the airport?

Check the official website here:

​If you book early enough you can get better prices with some bus companies.

General Tips?

-Don't think about it so much, prices get higher )

-Double check your hand luggage size according to the company's limitation!

-Remember to check in online and print your tickets!

-Try to stay close to the center in order to avoid extra travel costs!

-Enjoy Roma!!!