Cheap Accommodation Tips #2

Couchsurfing is an online community for hospitality exchange and social networking. The community provides a platform where its members can search for and act as hosts to world travelers.

This online community enable travelers not only to explore a new city - a new country on a budget but it also allows to meet other like minded people and exchange cultures. 'Couchsurfers' are able to stay on a host’s sofa or extra room for free while getting to know each other. Couchsurfing acts as the mediator of the organization of these exchanges, facilitating the contact between hosts and travelers.

Contrary to the general view, couchsurfing is so much more than just a free bed. The main pull of the community is the same as that which inspires people to host strangers for free - the ‘couchsurfing spirit’ and a keen interest in different cultures. Therefore, couchsurfing is about having a cultural exchange with the added benefits of making trips abroad on budget.

Are you interested in the concept? The start by creating your own account for free here: Enjoy hosting, surfing or even simply meeting travellers for a coffee and a bit of showing around your local area.