Cheap flight search tools


Both and provide tools for searching a cheap flight according to your budget and other preferences. 

Fare Finder -

By clicking Fare Finder under the main website's menu, you gain access to ryanair's custom search tool. 

You can customize your search according to:

  • Departure location
  • Specific route (from ariport- to airport)
  • Departure date
  • Price
  • Return date
  • Length of trip

Check the example for a round trip from Athens to any destination,  between 16/4 and 17/6, from 3 to 7 days -->HERE<--

Inspire me -

By clicking Inspire me under the main website's menu, you gain access to easyjet's custom search tool.

You can customize your search according to:

  • Your budget
  • Departure location
  • Time and duration (one way, weekend break, 1 week return, season, custom dates etc.)
  • Interests and hobbies (culture, romance, winter sports, nightlife etc.)

You can find the link -->HERE<--

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