Ride – sharing: a cheap and fun option

Ride – sharing or Carpooling is terms coined for the occurrences, where people share car journeys, using one vehicle. It can be based among friends, colleagues or even strangers. By sharing on vehicle, you can considerably reduce both costs such as fuel and tolls and stress of driving especially in long distances. People share the costs and take turns on who is behind the wheel.

It is also important to address the environmental benefit ride – sharing has, since it reduces carbon emissions and traffic congestions and the social benefits as well, since travelers get to enjoy long conversations and simply enjoying company.

But arranging a ride – sharing especially when you are looking for someone random, simply traveling to the same direction, as you can be a bit trouble causing.

This is where BlaBlaCar enters!

BlaBlaCar is an online community that connects drivers with empty seats to co-travelers looking for a ride. Over 2 million people use BlaBlaCar every month creating an entirely new, people powered, transport network.

Many years ago, young people chose to hitchhike but today it’s a very different world. BlaBlaCar and companies like BlaBlaCar are safe viable and mainstream. If you are looking to cut back on some money while traveling with care and if you want to meet other people, don’t hesitate and create your account today: https://www.blablacar.com!