Thessaloniki - Brussels - Amsterdam | 19-24 November 2014 | from 61 euros


Super low cost combination of offers for reaching Amsterdam through Brussels.

Thessaloniki - Brussels- Thessaloniki from 39,98 euros with our BFF


Brussels - Amsterdam - Brussels from 11 euros if you are under 25!! check


For 0 euros check 

Cheap hostels from 14 euros/night visit:

Enough people to rent a flat? check it might get much cheaper and more cozy from hostels and hotels.

Cheap hotel options?,

To and from Charleroi airport

It takes approximately 1 hour from Charleroi airport to Brussels. Check the official website here:

General Tips

-Usually I take the city shuttle bus, it starts from 5 euros if you are lucky and cheaper when booked online. Check however the trains since there are several youth offers.

-Brussels worths spending half a day there! (be a tourist, try waffles and belgian fries!)cool

-Be fast, prices might change while i'm posting this text!

-Most of the hostels have higher price during the weekends so it might be cheaper to rent a flat.

-Double check your luggage size and don't forget to check in online and print your tickets!

-Check the Brussels' public transportation website and make sure you won't confuse the stations that you need to be due to their similar or double names (french/flamish)

-Consume responsibly!laugh