Thessaloniki - Budapest | 9-16 January 2016 | from 31 euros!


A whole week in the post- Christmas city of Budapest from Thessaloniki starting from 31,18 euros in the beginning of January with the colorful !!


For 0 euros check 

Cheap hostels from 5 euros/night visit:

Also check it might get much cheaper and more cozy from hostels and hotels. (I have a gift for you there)

Cheap hotel options?

To and from the airport

Using the public transport, check the official website!

General Tips

Important!!!! In Wizzair the only free hand luggage is a small back-pack, don't forget to book the big cabin luggage if you need more space.

- Also, the "checked-in" luggage's weight limit is 32 kilos, so if you are more than one it will be cheaper to book 1 big bag for all!

- Check the Public transport website for daily, and weekly tickets. They are quite convenient.

- Take your swimming suit with you and spend some time in the spa ;)

- Want to go further? Vienna, Bratislava, Zagreb and other smaller cities are quite reachable even for a day trip from Budapest, take some ideas here:

- Don't forget to check in online and print your tickets! ;)